Best Pole Saw Attachment for Trimmer

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You can use the best pole saw attachment for a trimmer as a modern way of cutting and trimming tree branches to meet your lawn care needs.

Higher tree branches require pole saws to offer the best solution while standing on the ground safely. Well, you should select the right option to maintain your yard with eye-catching results. This article has some suggestions for the best pole saws in the market. Read on. 

Buying Guide for the Best Pole saw Attachment for Trimmer

Best Pole Saw Attachment for Trimmer

Different pole saws come with varying features that make them functional. Many consumers scratch their heads when they get overwhelmed by other choices in the market.

This section clears the air by supplying you with the right information to gauge a good product and overcome the temptations of exaggerated market-related adverts. 

Power Type 

Many models can use different power sources to support proper functioning. Some of them rely on electrical power, which we consider environmentally friendly.

Also, they use a rechargeable battery to supply clean energy for cutting and trimming the leaves and branches. One great benefit of using electric power is that it does not produce harmful chemicals to destroy living orgasms. 

Some pole saws use gas-powered engines to provide adequate power to slice through large tree logs and branches effortlessly.

Gas-powered machines are suitable for portability despite them producing a higher level of noise than their electrical counterparts. Lastly, manual powered pole saws are still in use, implying that the operator relies on physical strength to get results. 

Saw size

The saw size can affect the performance of your pole saw. As a rule of thumb, if your saw has a large saw blade, you can experience better results.

For instance, a 15-inch blade can perform better than an 8-inch saw blade. A large wood blade can cut different woods at once hence saving more time for other things.

Pole saws perform better under an extended length. Longer poles are useful for cutting branches on higher trees. As a user, you cannot struggle to reach long tree branches.

Average saw pole lengths range from 10 inches to 15 inches. Another significant factor is adjustability. Some poles have an adjustable extension to suit your needs when dealing with hard-to-reach branches. 

Power rating


Power rating is a critical factor to use when determining how a pole saw can perform. You may need a powerful saw for heavy-duty applications and vice versa.

Power rating is different for different types of pole saws. If you are selecting gas powered pole saws, then power rating can range from 20cc to 30cc. 

If you are using a corded electric pole saw, then the power rating can be either six amps or eight amps. Alternatively, a power rating in this category can be either 20V or 40V. Select a suitable rating to meet your needs. Any higher power rating implies that you get better performance. 


Pole saws are different in structure, which is a factor that affects the balancing issues. Some poles may come with a particular weight, which becomes challenging to balance.

About that, maneuverability comes in for one to enjoy using a pole pruner. For instance, higher weight affects portability because it is challenging to carry heavy items for a longer duration than lighter ones.


When you are using your pole saw frequently, chances are that it may wear out with time, thereby complicating your operations. You should check the warranty information to know the duration it can serve you. Average pole saws come with a two-year warranty, while reliable options offer a four to a five-year warranty. 

Review of the Best Pole Saw Attachment for Trimmer

Different models in the market have unique features to deliver desirable results according to different needs. Do you have a particular brand in mind that meets your expectations? If unsure, then your answer is within the following products in our below list. 

EGO Power 10-Inch Pole Saw Attachment

EGO Power+ PSA1000

Ego Power is among the reliable brands for your lawn care needs. Firstly, this model enjoys rugged constructions, which translates into an extended use.

Additionally, the used materials have a water-resistant feature to keep the tool safe in wet conditions by preventing rust and wear. This pole saw offers exceptional performance by slicing through a substantial tree-like butter without encountering any complications.

The auto lubrication ensures movable parts do not meet friction, which leads to wear. Instead, this lube facilitates smoother operations until you are through with your pending tasks. Depending on the batteries that you select, they can serve you for hours without waning in performance.

The most exciting factor is this product uses universal battery compatibility to offer the user the convenience of utilizing any battery size on any tool.

Furthermore, this pole saw uses an advanced battery technology that ensures high performance that exceeds the power of a gas. One great benefit of using a battery is that the operations become noiseless, without fuss or fumes. 

One can swap tool attachments and store them easily. You can keep them as parts instead of complete tools, thereby saving space and time. One powerhead accommodates multiple brands to serve different roles, such as pruning and cutting tree branches when working on your lawn.

One needs to convert the saw pole by attaching a specific tool to serve the intended purpose. Moreover, this pole saw attachment is lightweight, featuring a narrow-kerf sprocket nose. Plus, it has a plastic guard to increase the level of safety. If you desire to have the right pole saw attachment for value, then it is difficult to ignore this product.  


  • Powerful product as it cuts large trees without any challenges
  • Rechargeable batteries charge quickly and last for several hours
  • Water-resistant construction justifies use in high humid areas
  • Automatic lubrication systems ensure smoother operations throughout use
  • Advanced battery technology delivers enough power noiselessly


  • Plastic guard tend to loosen up easily
  • One must purchase batteries separately

TrimmerPlus TPP720 8″ Pole Saw


trimmerplus tpp720


The TrimmerPlus TPP720 is another powerful pole saw with a flawless design, which gives it an outstanding performance. This model becomes reliable when cutting huge trees without meeting potential challenges. This pole saw has an eight-inch bar and a chain that can cut tree logs that range to four inches in diameter.

It provides a perfect service of pruning high branches that are unreachable without involving a pole saw attachment. TrimmerPlus pole saw has an expansive height where a can stretch to meet the requirements. The adjustable extension can allow two height options whereby the longest stretch cannot exceed 11 feet.

You can adjust it to a suitable height without seeking the services of a ladder as you trim those tree branches and beautify the landscape. Concerning that feature, it is advisable to know the right height that can work for you best. 

As a way of maintaining excellent cutting performance, you can lubricate the 8-inch bar and chain. Please take advantage of the automatic oiler to serve the chain and the bar and allow them to work efficiently and effectively. One can snap this product to any gas-powered trimmer with an attachment-ready shaft.

Furthermore, you can remove it when you complete your outdoor tasks quickly. This product is universal; therefore, it is compatible with different saw brands such as Greenworks and Remington.

The process of assembling this pole saw is a breeze. It is still easy to use as it tolerates high levels of maneuverability. A two-year warranty forms a great statement about its quality. 


  • Automatic oiler ensures consistent lubrication of bar and chain to improve the cutting performance
  • The device is compatible with different brands making it have a universal look
  • The powerful output enables it to cut large logs of trees with little effort
  • The adjustable extension can suit your preferred height for comfortable use
  • Rugged construction with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • The chain appears too tight to facilitate any adjustments

Sunseeker Universal Pole Saw

sunseeker mft26I

Sunseeker Universal Pole saw happens to be an affordable option that you can involve to maintain your yard. Thick branches are always a nuisance to work on but not when using this universal pole saw. It can cut such branches effortlessly and smoothly, giving any yard plantation a beautiful finish.

This pole saw has an adjustable design featuring an extended end to allow the operator to access high branches without seeking a ladder’s services.

You can tune it to support your height and slice through high branches without straining. Such becomes a reality thanks to a 30-inches shaft, and a 10-inch articulating chain saw. This saw has a 6-inch cutting capacity, which implies that it can cut small to medium-sized branches and brushes with ease and greatly enhance your landscape’s outlook. 

This saw does not prompt you to assemble it before you begin using it from the market. As a beginner, the only part is to join the chain and the bar, which needs a 10mm socket and a flathead screwdriver. One downside about the package is that it lacks an instructional manual on putting the chain and bar.

You can seek YouTube videos to understand this simple procedure. However, this pole’s design includes an automatic lubrication system, which keeps the chain running smoothly and consistently for the user to cut efficiently. The entire structure has an Oregon bar and chain, which is easy to maintain.

This structure gives the user a reliable and prolonged service, which adds to cost-effectiveness. Since this product is universal, then compatibility is not a challenge. It works well with other brands such as craftsman, Troy, and Toro to offer exceptional services. 


  • An operator can achieve a smooth cut when working on slightly thick branches
  • High compatibility with multiple saws to offer efficient and reliable service
  • Has an adjustable height to access high branches without challenges
  • Automatic lubrication ensures that the chain runs smooth and consistently 
  • Good quality for the price and a reasonable warranty 


  • Low quality than other higher priced pole saws

Enegitech Pole Saw Attachment

enegitech pole saw

Enegitech Pole saw has a user-friendly design as it comes with an easy installation process. You do not require any skill to perform the simple set up procedure. It has a lever style lock system that allows one to install and replace this attachment to the power smoothly and quickly.

This pole saw attachment relies on batteries as a power source; hence, you overcome fume challenges. Use the recommended rechargeable batteries that can serve you for more than three hours before you replace or recharge them.

Since the package lacks these batteries, ensure you buy them separately as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Enegitech is a 10-inch pole saw with a micro chisel tooth chain and an Oregon steel bar. It is suitable for cutting both small and medium branches courtesy of a 6-inch cutting capacity. 

One notable feature is an automatic oiler’s presence for applying oil to the chain and bar as per the settings. As such, the procedure keeps the chain running smoothly and provides an excellent cutting performance. A translucent oil tank allows the operator to see the remaining oil’s capacity and update it accordingly.

A steady supply of oil prevents this pole saw from encountering damages; hence it is easy to maintain. This product weighs 3.4 pounds, meaning it is in the lightweight category. Precisely, it is lighter than other poles saw attachments on our list.

Furthermore, it has a compact design, which helps operators encounter less fatigue when put to action. Transporting and storing this pole saw is easy. Unlike other pole saws on our list, this option requires an Enegitech ZMDG5122P power head only. You can buy the powerhead separately. 


  • Automatic oiler mechanism ensures that the chain remains lubricated for better performance
  • A 6-inch cutting capacity allows the operator to slice through small and medium logs easily 
  • Transparent oil tanks enable the user to see the level of oil at a glance
  • It has a lightweight design; hence the user does not experience much fatigue when using it for long hours
  • Easy installation process which does not require one to use any tool


  • Not compatible with other brands 

Greenworks 8-Inch 40V Pole Saw Attachment


greenworks ps40a00


When you have an uneven landscape, there creates a need to look for a proper pole saw attachment to trim it to the desired level. In that regard, Greenworks can fit into that gap to advance your lawn care needs.

This eight-inch pole saw can only fit into three models from the Greenworks brand, meaning it is not compatible with other market brands. This pole saw has a flexible extension that is adjustable when you want to access higher branches and trim well.

Setting up this pole saw is a breeze even to any beginner. You only have to consult the attached manual for stepwise instruction on installing and getting your work done within a short period. Another game-changer is the availability of an easily adjustable chain tensioning system meant to tighten or loosen the chain to the desired level to improve performance. 

Greenworks is a rugged outdoor tool that conserves the environment. Its primary source of power is a battery source; hence it does not produce gaseous fumes, which are harmful to living things. Unfortunately, you must buy the recommended batteries because they are not part of the package.

Such rechargeable batteries are long-lasting elements to serve you for more extended periods before the next recharge. We also consider this equipment as lightweight because the entire load does not exceed 5 pounds. Working for long hours remains enjoyable without encountering unnecessary fatigue.

Maintaining this pole saw attachment is comfortable, facilitated by an automatic oiler to supply the correct amount of oil to the chain and bar and enhance durability. Still, there is a translucent oil tank allowing the operator to enjoy a clear oil level view and respond appropriately. 


  • Perfect lubrication system to ensure the entire chain remains updated with proper oil level
  • Lightweight design means one can work for more extended periods without experiencing fatigue
  • Has appropriate chain tensioning system for tightening and loosening it to the desired form
  • A translucent oil tank is beneficial to you for providing a clear view of oil level
  • Adjustable pole height to serve your needs accordingly


  • Not compatible with other brands

HeroShow Telescoping Manual Pole Saw 

HeroShow Manual Telescopic Saw

Summing up our list is the HeroShow manual pole saw. As the name suggests, it does not demand a battery or gas to run it.  In the same vein, the designer made this pole by using a high strength carbon steel blade to give a strong cutting ability and achieve improved cutting efficiency.

Also, the same blade has a non-stick coating for clean, fast, and smooth cutting. More so, this pole saw comes with a custom length for one to adjust according to the height.

For example, you can modify it from 1.3 feet to 10 feet to suit your specific needs. It has anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties, thereby reducing any rate of wear hence durable. Assembling this pole is a walkover as the instructional manual has simple steps. 

This pole saw allows one to prune and groom both high and low branches at your convenience. Again, this compound trimmer has an ergonomic handle that aligns with your hand’s natural shape to enhance comfort. Furthermore, the handle has a soft grip to release wrist fatigue and provide balance as you use it for long periods.

The cool thing is this pole saw supports multiple applications such as cutting and pruning leaves in a forestry landscape, gardens, and lawns. It is also suitable in any area where trimming branches and leaves must promote a better outlook.

Typically, the blade has a unique hook design, which is useful when snapping and pulling branches. The tree pruner blade has a sharp three-sided sharpened edge for better performance. 


  • High strength carbon steel blade with a superior cutting and pruning ability 
  • Custom length becomes useful when adjusting the height according to the user’s needs
  • Supports multiple applications such as trimming, pruning, and cutting tree leaves and branches
  • Ergonomic handle with a soft grip to prevent fatigue when subjected to prolonged usage
  • Reasonable pricing with a three-year warranty


  • Slower than our models on our list because one relies on physics to get results.


Question: How can I use a pole saw? 

Answer: The first thing is to ensure you implement safety measures by wearing gloves and a helmet. Gloves are excellent in providing the right grip to the pole. Next, avoid standing directly under any cutting branch when cutting with a pole saw. Instead, stand while maintaining a little distance from it. 

Question: What are the uses of a pole saw?

Answer: Pole saws are specialized saws for cutting tree branches. Other uses include:
Trimming outgrown tree branches.
Clearing bushes.
Cutting half-fallen branches.
Pruning tree gardens.
The cool thing is you do not have to use a ladder to access highly placed branches. 

Question: What is the thickest diameter that a pole saw can cut? 

Answer: A pole saw can cut several inches thick. If the wood is thick, it becomes more dangerous to cut it. Also, it becomes slower and tiring on how to prune. The best options offer a 6-inch deep cut. 

Bottom line

As per our list, our top choice remains the EGO Power 10-Inch Pole Saw Attachment. It is the right option to cut large tree branches at a height without using any ladder.

That is due to an adjustable extension pole to assist the operator in cutting these branches quickly. Furthermore, this product uses a rechargeable battery to provide power hence does not pollute the environment with fumes. Automatic lubrication ensures the bar and chain remain updated with oil for exceptional cutting performance.

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