12-050-01 vs 52-050-02

12-050-01 vs 52-050-02 Oil Filter Comparison

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What could be critical when performing a comparison between 12-050-01 vs 52-050-02 Oil Filters? For lawnmower owners, the first thing to learn about lawnmower maintenance is an oil change.

Without a good oil filter, your lawn mower engine condition is going to deteriorate and deviate from running smoothly. The purpose of a good oil filter is to keep objects and grime away from the oil stream to prevent further damages if left unchecked.  

Due to varying driving conditions, a one-size-fits-all approach may not apply when dealing with oil filters. An oil filter consists of several parts such as a filter medium, retainer, anti-drain back valve, etc.

A primary filter sieves particles as small as 30 microns, while secondary media prevent smaller particles a little as 5 microns from passing into the engine. 

Your lawnmower’s successful functionality relies on finding a suitable oil filter to strain any contaminants circulating in the system.

Clean oil is great for maintaining the life of an engine from any risk or damage and reduces friction, rusting, etc. We aim at drawing a line between the two oil filters and uncover their usefulness when you buy any of them to serve your lawnmower.

My Bottom Line Up Front Summary: The 12-050-01’s are relatively cheap here, BUT I recommend you go for 52-052-02 oil filters (on Amazon here OR eBay here due to their versatility. They have a durable design supported by three filters in a single package. Additionally, they provide an efficient service to your engine by separating stubborn contaminants to keep your engine oil pure and prolong engine performance.

Main Differences Between 12-050-01 vs 52-050-02 Oil Filters

The main differences between 12-050-01 vs 52-050-02 Oil Filters are:

  • 12-050-01 comes with three oil filters to facilitate quick replacement, whereas 52-050-01 has only a single filter.
  • 12-050 -01 can store minimal dirt at a given time, whereas 52-050-02 oil filters have the extra dirt-holding capacity.
  • 12-050-01 comes in black color, whereas the 52-050-02 oil filter has a yellow coating.
  • 12-050-01 has a more inexpensive counterparts, whereas 52-050-52 oil filters are slightly more expensive.

52-050-02 Oil Filters


It is a great oil filter that features high performance to prevent contaminants from accessing the lubrication system. This oil filter stands out because it sieves oil with a high flow rate and keeps the oil fluid to near perfect condition. Remarkably, this product comes with genuine OEM parts, so you do not face compatibility challenges. 

This oil filter has perfect dimensions to promote structural efficiency for exceptional service delivery. Additionally, this filter enjoys a relief pressure, which ranges from 8 and 11 PSI for better performance.

As such, it holds an extra capacity to handle specific pressure and loads. The whole package features three oil filters for serving one extensively. 



This product contains a powerful filtration medium that suspends contaminants as little as 10 microns by size. For this case, this option uses synthetic media, which provides less oil flow restriction. 


The 52-050-02 Oil Filters have perfect dimensions with genuine OEM parts to fit into your engine perfectly. Before purchasing it, ensure that your lawnmower engine is compatible with it to reduce replacement chances, which is not time savings. 


This oil filter can hold every contaminant it collects from oil without placing a demand for constant replacements. It has a great build with a strong media to separate foreign particles of oil and maintain high-quality oil in the system. As a result, this higher capacity means better mileage. 


kohler 52 050

Durability is a great aspect that every lawn mower owner would want to take into account. For that reason, 52-050-02 Oil Filters are long-lasting, courtesy of steel materials construction.

This steel metal is corrosion and rust-resistant; hence it does not wear out easily. It can help withstand different mechanical stress without breaking, making it convenient for this air filter type. 

Easy to install

Installation can be a DIY task if you follow stepwise manual instructions. If unsure, then visit a seasoned mechanic if you are doing it for the first time. Do you know that exact fit parts can be difficult to install? Unlike others, 52-050-02 Oil Filters have simple designs that do not require a lot of expertise when performing replacements.

Model number

52-050-02 Oil Filters have pertinent details about their model numbers, guiding you in knowing the exact fit for your lawnmower.

If you lack knowledge of identifying the model number, you can consult the manufacturers for further guidance. A model number indicates the size that such a filter can fit well. 

Price Range

The pricing of these types of filters depends on their functionality and the type of construction materials. For instance, these options attract higher pricing due to high-quality steel metal construction and strong filtering media. As a buyer, you may need a reasonable budget to purchase them for any dealer. 


  • Has an enhanced resistance to handle different pressure levels in the system 
  • It contains an elaborate oil cleaning capacity to keep the engine oil pure
  • Three oil filters enable easier replacements for optimal performance 
  • It works best under harsh conditions to restore better delivery 
  • It comes thin a 90-day replacement warranty 


  • It is quite costly than other models 
  • Selective shipping policy 

Where to Buy 52-050-02 Oil Filters

There are a few different retailers & marketplaces carrying this filter. I’ve found the best price, availability and shipping with these:

12-050-01 Oil filters 

kohler 12 050 01

It is a universal oil filter as it fits all Kohler models. Being an original oil filter, it has a bypass valve, which promotes proper oil flow when the filter is underused. It has an outside diameter of 3 inches and 2.6 inches in height. This oil filter comes with a long performance with high efficiency. 

The cool thing is it has advanced synthetic fiber blend media to capture the fluid’s tiniest particles, which may affect the flow rate.

It has a dirt-hold capacity of 30 grams while tolerating a system operating pressure between 8 and 11 PSI. Furthermore, it has an anti-drain back valve, which assists in retaining oil in the filter. Finally, this filter works best to promote superior protection at start-up. 



Kohler 12-050-01 Oil filter is a standard filter that is compatible with different Kohler models. That implies that if you have a different model, then it becomes a challenge to fit. Before purchasing it, ensure that your model is in the Kohler category. 


The designer made this oil filter with an emphasis on longevity. While this product serves you extensively, you will not have to perform constant replacements due to wear and breakages. It has a high-quality construction that involves the use of aluminum metals, which is strong and durable.


This product has a silicone anti-drain valve to help in retaining oil in the filter. Furthermore, it has a large surface area for preventing oil restriction, a good protection measure. By offering exceptional filtering performance, ensures consistent flow management and keeps your engine from any potential damage.


Installation and replacements of your oil filters are inseparable issues. By standard, you should replace your engine oil after every three months, which is not true to oil filters. The good news this oil filter has simple installation steps to get your task done. In the same vein, it can serve you for a longer period before you think of any replacement.

Dirt-holding capacity

Your vehicle is prone to cruising different terrains such as gravel roads or other dusty environments. A good dirt-holding capacity reveals the amount of junk the oil filter can hold as it maintains better service for your operations.

This oil filter will store a considerable amount of dirt before matters get out of hand, and therefore it is dependable for long service.

Pressure flow

This oil filter tolerates a standard pressure flow, ranging from 8 and 11 PSI. When the flow rate increases, so will pressure too.

As a rule of thumb, a 100 PSI is suitable for every 1000 RPM. In case the filters blind off, it can lead to different anomalies leading to failure. Pressure rises as dirt accumulates, and this requires a standard pressure flow, which this product can maintain appropriately. 

Filter Media

12-050-01 vs 52-050-02

12-050-01 Oil filters use synthetic media to separate dirt and any other contaminant from oil. Furthermore, they also use a flexible anti-drain valve to prevent back pressure and leakage during cold temperatures. Furthermore, this product enjoys the services of a strong filter element with supported end caps and pleats for better performance.


12-050-01 Oil filters are affordable to complement a tight budget (check here for latest). Having low prices does not disqualify them from offering a dependable service. It is only a comparison with other premium-priced filters, which offer a distinguished service to promote your driving experience and procure long engine life. 


  • Strong and durable therefore becoming cost-effective 
  • Can protect the lawnmower engine to more than 3000-mile travel distance  
  • Works efficiently under harsh conditions 
  • Affordable filter with greater quality
  • Easy to install and remove 


  • Filter membrane wears out quickly 
  • Not compatible with every lawnmower

Where to Buy 12-050-01 Oil Filters

Online ordering can be a bit hit or miss, but these stores tend to have good stock & delivery times.

Which is better between 12-050-01 and 52-050-02 Oil Filters

Any curious buyer would want to know which oil filter has the upper hand between 12-050-01 and 52-050-02 options. It is a genuine question that is subject to careful research before offering professional advice since the two products feature more similarities than differences. 

52-050-02 oil filters enjoy a durable steel construction and a strong filtering media to sieve all particles from the oil fluid for better service delivery.

Another good aspect worth mentioning is that the package comes with three oil filters; hence, you can frequently replace any worn-out filter without going back to the seller. As such, these filters are suitable for serving heavy-duty applications on your lawn.

On the other hand, 12-050-01 oil filters provide an efficient filtering service and ensure only pure oil circulates into the system. Furthermore, these filters have good dust holding capacity to store a certain amount of residue before replacement. One of the differences is that the package comes with a single filter at affordable pricing.

Bottom Line Summary: I recommend you go for 52-052-02 oil filters here due to their versatility. They have a durable design supported by three filters in a single package. Additionally, they provide an efficient service to your engine by separating stubborn contaminants to keep your engine oil pure and prolong engine performance.


Question: What is the recommended oil for your lawnmower?

Answer: The most common brand suitable for your lawnmower is SAE 30 motor oil. But that is not all. You can follow the recommendations from your manufacturer to upgrade the condition of your lawnmower engine.
Such a product filters all dirt from the engine oil and enhances the lifeline of your engine. Precisely, they offer dependable service to your lawnmower over an extended period. 

Question: Which type of particles does your engine need protection from? 

Answer: Contaminants are destructive elements that your oil filter has to shield to procure the life of your engine. The most common ones are dirt fragments, dust, and metal fragments that access the lawn mower’s lubrication system. In response, you must use an effective oil filter to sieve all these foreign elements in the oil and allow clean oil to access the engine. 

Question: Why should one change an oil filter? 

Answer: As a lawn mower owner, you are required to perform oil changes for betterment and longevity. If you remain ignorant regarding such an issue, it may lead to the destruction of the vehicle. However, different oil filters for different devices attract different lengths of life. You can change the oil filter if the oil turns thin and dirty. 

Question: How long should one take to change the oil filter for my lawnmower? 

Answer: An oil filter and engine oil are vital components that require close care as they play a critical role in better performance. A good and reliable routine should allow one to change the two components at least once every summer or spring. Alternatively, replace for every fifty hours of use. 

Question: Why is my oil remaining black even after changing the oil? 

Answer: Whenever you change a diesel oil engine, it looks black and not normal golden color for a short duration because it mixes with oil residue due to contamination and discoloration. 

Question: What is a suitable time for checking the oil in your lawnmower? 

Wrapping Up

A lawnmower owner needs a suitable oil filter to facilitate better processes to encounter smooth operations. You must understand your needs before deciding on any of our options in this write-up.

If you are a new buyer in the market, you can take advantage of affordable oil filters that do not strain your budget but offer a good service.

But that is not all. Other premium-priced options serve you extensively. Overall, you need the right filter to prevent low-quality oil cases, which leads to engine overheating as pure oil keeps all parts lubricated.

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