Haron Omaita

Haron Omaita enjoys gardening and wants to share his expertise in managing and maintaining gardens. Why are you giving advice on Turf and Till? I’m giving advice on Turf and Till because I really love gardening and like sharing advice and tips about maintaining gardens. What is your favorite part of landscaping? My favorite part of landscaping is grooming and maintaining the aesthetic appeal of an established garden through chores like mowing, pruning, edging, planting seasonal flowers, and fertilizing. If you had to give one piece of advice to someone fixing up their yard, what would it be? You don’t have to break the bank to fix up your yard. Find simple DIY projects you can do over the weekend to give your landscape a new lease of line and improve your curb appeal. When it comes to outdoors, the right amount of light will depend on your geographic location. For instance, in climates with intense ultraviolet rays and extreme heat, Robellini palms will benefit from being shielded from the hot sun. In milder climates, the palms should be grown in an area that gets the full sun, not less than 6 hours of direct sunlight every day.

Seashore Paspalum Guide

Seashore Paspalum Guide – Warm-Season Grass

In this Seashore Paspalum guide, we’ll see how this plant, that’s also known as Paspalum vaginatum in scientific terms, is a warm-season grass that’s especially exceptionally adapted to salty and moist areas commonly found along the coast. It withstands infertile and sandy soils, high concentrations of salt, waterlogged conditions, and sporadic inundation by seawater.  This …

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When To Use Milorganite

When To Use Milorganite And Is This The Best Alternative For Your Yard?

If you want a picture-perfect lawn, you can’t shy away from using Milorganite®. But before you apply Milorganite®, what does a picture-perfect lawn look like? According to many gardeners, a picturesque lawn is a full, lush green lawn, free of diseases and pests—the sort of lawn your neighbors will covet and may even visit your …

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