Rukmita Ghimire

Rukmita Ghimire is a landscaping enthusiast and loves to share her knowledge on the topic. Why are you giving advice on Turf and Till? Planting and landscape designing always excites me. It’s been a long year for me in this field. As a plant enthusiastic and a professional agriculturist, I know exactly where we can go wrong. Sometimes it’s our fault while some other times nature takes the course. Turf and Till talks about every lawn care method—not just the plants but also the tools. I think this is what intrigued me. Plus, I have knowledge in this subject and that made me want to do it. What is your favorite part of landscaping? My favorite part of landscaping will always be planting. I love planting flowers near the avenue. If you had to give one piece of advice to someone fixing up their yard, what would it be? Check if your plants require pruning, remove the dead leaves, and always check the nutrient status. What I think is a must in landscaping is frequent pruning. So make sure you’re giving your plant a nice fine cut and some fresh air.

Husqvarna 128LD Review and Guide: Is It Right for You?

Have you been looking for a trimmer for an average-sized yard?  You do not want your beautiful garden ruined by some weeds, right? Well, in this Husqvarna 128LD Review, we’ll see what Husqvarna brings with the Husqvarna 128LD trimmer, an ideal trimmer for those who want a lightweight, versatile, environment-friendly trimmer on budget. It might …

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