Best Lawn Mower Replacement Blades

How to Find the Best Lawn Mower Replacement Blades

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Gardening is incomplete without mowing. It is as important as pruning your plants, watering them, or fertilizing them. The lawnmower has become a must power tool in gardens, yards, or parks. So today’s article is all about finding the best lawn mower replacement blades.

If you’re involved in mowing, then you may have come across a situation where the blades easily get bent or dented from running over hard surfaces. Even if the manufacturers claim their great durability, they are easily vulnerable to such situations. That’s why you must have enough information to choose the right one.

Purchasing the replacement blades become overwhelming if provided with dozen of options. Keeping this in mind, this article will disclose the types of blades, when to replace your existing blades, how to replace them, and what are the options available.

We’ll dive deeper into the topic, but before that, here’s the list of our top 7 replacement blades.

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About Lawn Mowers

Mowing your garden/yard is one of the most vital works you need to do to maintain it. The beauty of a flower, the topiary design, and the colors in the landscape make no sense if you haven’t mowed the yard.

The plant can work both as a beauty and beast to your yard. The moment you forget to trim them, it starts looking dull. A lawnmower is one of the most sophisticated tools designed for this.

So far as knowledge goes, each mower specifies for different landmasses. For residential purposes, it’s better to use the smaller/ push type. On the flip side, the ride-type lawn mowers are suitable for larger areas.

While we’re talking about the land area, it’s also important to include the purpose of buying one. For example, some mowers just cut the grass, and some do mulching as well.

Having said that, it’s the lawnmower blades that are the business product. There are, of course, many specs you’ll look after while getting a mower, but the one that stands out common is the type of blade.

Types of Lawn Mower Blades

Lawn Mower Blades

Choosing the right blades can be challenging if provided with so many options. All you need is the knowledge about – how are they designed? How do they perform? Which blade is suitable for your work?

First, let’s see the different types of lawnmower blades along with their functionality.

Standard Blades

The most common mower blades you’ll see are the standard mower blades that rotate horizontally. Despite the fact, end of the blade is slightly curved; this is also known as the straight blade.

Designed with 2 in 1 function, it trims the grass along with side discharge/bagging the clippings. The curved end creates air ventilation that allows air through. All of these create a suction on the ground that pulls up the grass. That means the standard blades give the precise cut.

Though it can be used on any soil type and can cut dense grass patches, one major downside of this blade is that the chute often clogs.

High Lift Blades

High lift blades are highly recognizable, all because of their vertical angle on their edges. Thanks to this feature, there is maximum airflow through the blades.

There is always a conflict of thoughts between the standard blades and high lift blades. Which one is better? My vote goes to the high lift blades. The reason behind this is its high vertical suction making it one of the ideal blades for bagging purposes.

Another point in favor of these blades is they do not clog up the cutting area (due to high suction level). Plus, the bigger size of the blade allows you to cut bigger grass.

However, due to the high suction, this blade is not suitable in the sandy terrain. It sucks the sand and the dust together with grass. And also requires more power.

Low Lift Blades

It is the lift of the blade that affects the grass pull up and/or suction. Here, the lift is measured by the upturned blade edges. Low lift blades have comparatively lower upturned edges than high-lift blades.

Low lift blades perform with low suction power. This means they are recommended for sandy terrain and land with short grass length. These blades are primarily made for side discharge mowing.

Mulching Blades

It is a 3 in 1 blade (mulching, discharging and, bagging) or all-purpose blade. These blades give you the option to leave the clipping on the ground or to bag them.

Mulching the lawn with clippings allows the restoration of water and nutrients (from the clippings). It works as a natural fertilizer. The larger cutting area repeatedly cuts the clippings into tiny pieces. And the innermost curved edges produce air pressure to blow them out.

Gator Blades

All around, easy to spot, gator blades are also known as a 3-in-1 blade. The serrated sections at either side of the blade make it distinct from other blades.

The amalgamation of medium-lift with a mulching option is what makes the job efficient. The specific angle of the gator teeth plays a vital role in pushing the grasses to the cutting edge. As a result of which, the clippings get cut over and over again.

The combined feature of gator blades even allows cutting tall grasses efficiently. All in all, this blade gives you the benefit in all possible ways.

Why Do You Need Great Blades For Lawnmowers?

Blades For Lawnmowers

Blades with sharp cutting edges are more preferred than blunt edges. I mean, you would want fresh, clean-cut rather than torn ends. Don’t you? Think about the times you used your brand-new pair of scissors. Now imagine the struggle you go through for one last cut of an old pair. There are differences in cut, convenience, and results.

The same thing happens with your mower blades. The new sharp blades ensure a clean cut with healthy turf. And with the old one, there are chances of the torn end. After a few days of mowing, you’ll notice that the ends are changed to brown color, which is susceptible to disease and pests.

The great option to overcome this is either to sharpen the blades or to replace them. I will highly recommend you replace your blades rather than sharpening.

Yes, sharpening does save you money and is a good option for budget-minded consumers. But there are times when you no longer can sharpen the blade and will need to be replaced.

Not only does it solve the problem of wear out, but it also offers you various options. As discussed above, blades vary with functionality. They can be mulching blades, blades that can cut tall grasses, and those cutting small grasses.

In the end, it’s always better to have replacements sets on hand. Even if you haven’t made up your mind about purchasing two sets of replacement blades, you’ll find it helpful to use one set for regular mowing and the other for mulching.

How to Know if Your Blade Requires Replacement

Knowing when to replace the blade is a vital thing in mowing. This is because you’re not going to cut as efficiently and as quickly. If you see an uneven cut on your lawn and your mower is ripping the grass rather than cutting, it’s high time you replace the blades.

Apart from that, some other factors decide whether to replace a blade or not. We’ll be addressing some of them.

If Your Blades Are Old

One of the obvious reasons you change your blade is that it gets old. Even if you think that the blade is still in a good position, it’s better to replace them according to your manufacturer’s recommendation.

Blades are Dull Even After Sharpening

Old dull blades are like punishments to your yard. It’s like shaving with a blunt razor – the irritation and struggle for a smooth cut. Similarly, if you use a dull and old mower blade, it will not only rip the grass but also make it susceptible to disease and pests.

If your lawn is getting similar results even after sharpening the blades, then it’s time to replace them. Plus, too much sharpening will make the blade brittle that will affect the safety aspects. So it’s better to replace the blade straight away.

Blades are Damaged

Blades can often get damaged if mowed over something hard like stones. Too much rust accumulation may also affect the durability of blades. That’s why you must choose the blade that has the perfect painting job and is made up of stainless steel.

To figure out if your blade is damaged/causing issues, make sure if the mower is vibrating or making strange noise from the engine. If yes, change the blades with a proper one.

Blade Measurements

Lawnmowers Blade

Purchasing the replacement blades for a lawnmower is an easy task if provided with the blade’s serial number or part number. If you’re fortunate enough to have your lawnmower’s model and serial number, you’ll need this for sure to purchase the correct blade.

But the situation is different if you’ve got non of these as a reference. How do you know if the blade fits your lawnmower?

How to Measure Lawnmowers Blade?

There are certainly two measurements that indicate if the blade fits your mower. These include measurement of the holes and overall measurement.

Holes Measurement

Holes are the site of attachment of the blade to the mower. Some blades have a center major hole while the others have three holes (one central and two outside holes). Some mowers utilize not just one blade but 2 or 3 blades. The outside hole ensures the blade does not hit each other while in use.  

For one hole, make sure you measure the diameter (straight across). If your blade has three holes, you’re measuring the diameter of the central hole, plus the distance between the center of two outside holes (center to center).

Most blades have circular central holes. However, there are some other shapes of holes like a 5-point star, rectangular shaped, or a 7-point star.

Overall Measurements

The most common mistake while measuring the length of the blade is by measuring it straight across the blade. Always measure the blade length diagonally.

Now comes the thickness of the blade. It’s generally the space between the top of the blade and the bottom. Bear this in mind; using a too-thick blade can lower down the RPM and be trouble in cut quality.

What to Look For in the Replacement Blades?

Replacement Blades

Motor power and its cutting ability are two major factors that determine a good lawnmower. No doubt, the blades are the business product of lawnmowers. Even if the motor cannot handle the greater RPM, it’s the blades that compensate power with sharp cutting edges.

By this time, I’m sure you’ve understood how important it is to choose the right replacement blades. So how do you pick such blades?

Well choosing the right replacement blades mainly depends on the following three factors:

Whether or Not it Fits Your Existing Lawnmower

Many lawnmowers have made this process easy with the serial number. Usually, most of the manufacturers place these numbers on the top of the unit, towards the back. You can use it as a reference to find the perfect spot. Plus, with all the measurement steps mentioned above, you can simply figure out the right blade.

Type of Blade

Another major factor to think about while buying a replacement blade is the type of blade. Check out if your blade is flexible, or it can just operate some specific blade. Remember you’ve got different options – mulching for thicker and heavy-duty lawns, high-lift blades for throwing clipping long distances, and low-lift for minimal noise.

Build Material

I believe building material for any power tool is similar to the quality food we consume. The better the quality, the greater is the energy. Alike is the case in the blades. Only if construction materials are powerful enough, the blade deliver an optimum outcome.

While purchasing a blade, you must be clear about its influence on the life of the mower itself. Blades made with stainless steel are highly preferred. And, don’t forget to look after the paint job so that it doesn’t end up getting rusted.

Width of the Blade

Though it does not affect as much as the length of the blade, width is another important factor of consideration. Too thick blades may affect the RPMs, and too thin blades may not have good cutting quality.

This is why you need to be clear about the width of the blade. It’s better to look after your manual to come up with the exact size. Or you can measure the width of your existing blade and use it as a reference for a new one.

Deck Size

Deck size is the most obvious visual consideration. Riding mowers have comparatively larger deck sizes than other mowers.

Blade Holes

I’ve made it clear about the shapes of holes you’ll come to know about in our lawnmower. It is the attachment site that will grab onto the opening. The shape may vary; it may be 5 point openings or 6 point openings, or circular openings.

So the point is, check out the holes in your existing mower so that the replaced blade fits perfectly on the mower.


The majority of our top options here fit a wide range of lawnmowers. They are compatible with the other model of Craftsman, Poulan, and Husqvarna. However, there are other models like Honda that require a specific blade.

At that time, make sure you’re choosing the blade that is compatible or fits well on your lawnmower.

Top Options for Replacement Blades

By the time you reach the end of this article, you’ll be able to picture the best replacement blades in your mind’s eye. We’ll now check out the most appropriate options for replacing your blades.

Maxpower Commercial Mulching Lawnmower Blade Set

Maxpower Commercial Mulching Lawnmower Blade Set

Securing the first position on the list is the Maxpower commercial mulching Blade. It comes with two commercial mulching blades set having 21″ of length. The blades are designed to fit the deck of 42-inches.

The compatibility with Husqvarna, Craftsman, and Poulan riding mowers is what makes them superior. It comes with a 5 point star center hole which gives a nice fit. Manufacturers have designed this blade set in such a way that it meets or exceeds all the OEM specs of the original blades.

Toro 22″ Recycler Mower Replacement Blade

Toro 22" Recycler Mower Replacement Blade

Toro 5953P comes next on our list. It is a 22 inches large recycler mower replacement blade praised for its crisp and quality cut. Designed with the tooth, it adds one more additional point to the mulching.

With a blade measurement of 22 inches, I’m sure you’ll receive a satisfactory result. It features a triple-hole center that fits well on most Toro lawnmowers.

Husqvarna 48-inch Bagging Blade

Husqvarna 48-inch Bagging Blade

Over the past years, Husqvarna has secured its position to be a renowned brand in power tools. And while we are talking about the lawnmower, we cannot forget to add one here.

Next up on your list is the Husqvarna HU22027 44-inch premium high lift bagging blades (3 packs). You can use these blades in some other brands of lawnmower as well. These include Jonsered, Craftsman, Murray, RedMax, Snapper, Poulan Pro, hyper tough, Ariens, and other brands.

This blade is a perfect spot for bagging and side discharge. Since it comes with a high-lift blade option, you’ll surely receive a clean turf. The model comes with a 3-blades pack each of length 16.5 inches that fit on 48 inches decks. The central hole here is star-shaped.

8TEN LawnRAZOR Notched Medium-lift Blade

8TEN LawnRAZOR Notched Medium-lift Blade

LawnRAZOR is another brand in the arsenal of lawnmowers that has been providing high-quality control standards and premium manufacturing materials. If you are looking for a medium-lift blade that is compatible with 48 inches deck of Ariens, Craftsman, Husqvarna, or Poulan, then this blade set is the one.

Similar to any other 8TEN blades, they complete the product with high-temp green power that helps in increasing longevity. This product can do all bagging, mulching, and side discharging with its 16 inches long blade.

Honda Lawnmower Blade

Honda Lawnmower Blade

Honda is not a strange name in power tools. It is known for its quality and design. On the list of top options for the replacement blades, we have the Honda 72531-VH7-000 and 72511-VH7-000 blades set.

These two sets are compatible with merely Honda HRX217 lawnmowers and do not fit any other models. Despite the high price, the cutting quality balances the cost in the long run.

Consumers’ feedback claims it has a perfect fit and an incredible cutting action. This is all because of the thinness at the edge and flatness at the hold design. It has a total of 20.75 inches in length that swipes away overgrown grass in no time.

About the building material – the blades sets are made of high-quality materials that enhance the product’s longevity.

Ego Power Plus Lawnmower Blade

Ego Power Plus Lawnmower Blade

The EGO Power plus AB2101 21-inches lawn mower high lift blade is another interesting replacement option. It comes with a length of 21″ that is suitable to fit in any EGO power.

As it is a high-lift blade, you’ll receive a clean cutting that will eventually favor turf health. Manufacturers claim it is specifically designed for enhancing efficiency when bagging grass clippings.

Since it is a high-lift blade, you must be very careful while using it. No lift-blades are encouraged to use on sandy terrain. Apart from that, it is a pre-sharpened model that doesn’t require sharpening and requires very low maintenance.

Continue reading our full guide to finding the best 21 inch lawn mower blades.

Greenworks 16-inch Replacement Lawnmower Blade

Greenworks 16-inch Replacement Lawnmower Blade

Made with coated steel, this 16- inched mower blade is compatible with other Greenworks 16-inch mowers (25142 and 25322). The blade is nice and durable and doesn’t take much effort to secure in place.

It’s a branded GreenWorks product that is concerned about the sanity of the deck. Here I’m talking about the extra inch of space you’ll notice between the tip of the blade and the edge of the mower deck. It’s lightweight and easy to fit on your existing mower. There shouldn’t be any trouble while replacing the blade.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How To Replace Your Lawnmower Blades?

Answer: Before diving deeper into how to replace the blades, let’s first know about the tools you’ll need. Here are the lists of some of the tools.

• New blade of correct size and type
• A wrench/ratchet
• Safety gloves

Steps for changing your blades:

• Make sure the gas cap is completely sealed so that there is no fuel leakage. Use a plastic bag over the gas hole and screw it by the cap.
• Disconnect the spark plug from the mower and, with heavy gloves, tilt the machine on its side
• Don’t jump into loosening the nut unless the blades are secured in one position, or else it’ll start to spin.
• Remove the bolt that is securing your mower blades. Wrenches sometimes may not give you complete leverage; try using the ratchet
• De-attach your old blade and keep it aside
• Attach the new blades and make sure the cutting position is correct (cutting edge at the wheel side of mower)
• Tighten the nut securely, turn the mower back into the feet. And reattach the spark plug.

Question: Does the Same Blade Fits on Other Lawnmower Models?

Answer: Some blades are compatible with the lawnmower of other models. You’ve noticed the Maxpower model, Husqvarna models, and 8TEN model that fits well on other brands’ mowers. And there are products of Honda that fits only on their brand. So while looking for a replacement blade, don’t forget compatibility check as well.

Question: When Should I Replace the Blade?

Answer: The answer to this question is addressed in the article itself. If there’s no change in the lawn even after you mowed it, if the grass is ripped, or if the engine is producing unpleasant noises, it’s time for you to change the blades. Other than that, it’s better to replace them every two years.

Final Words

Coming to an end, I hope this article has addressed all of your questions. I hope by this time you’ve made an image of that replacement blade in your mind’s eye.

If you’re looking for something that can do all of your work, be that bagging, mulching, or side discharge, then 8TEN LawnRAZOR Notched Medium-lift Blade is the one you’re looking for. Not only is it the best option for medium-lift, but it is compatible with other models as well.

But if you’re budget-minded and looking for something that can complete your task with ease and convenience, then Maxpower Commercial Mulching Lawnmower Blade Set is the perfect spot.

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